Our services

Flexibility first!

Our services will be custom tailored to your needs. No matter whether you handle fashion, car parts, books and print or audio and video products – we can offer you a complete package of services including everything you need.


NGL manages warehousing for all possible types of products, as well as all related services.

  • goods-in
  • warehousing
  • purchasing and stock management
  • inventory listing
  • assembly, labeling and sticker application, shrink wrapping, bundling
  • certified destruction
On 130,000 square feet we handle pallets, picking shelves, packing stations and work spaces for commissioning and product works. Due to our flexibility with every single one of our clients, we are fit to handle products like fashion/clothing, home wear as well as our core business of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, LPs and books likewise. Should you wish to, you can also put your entire stock management in the hands of our experienced stock or label managers.

Logistics and fulfillment

Our Bread and Butter every day! NGL’s work day in, day out contains all services for a complete logistical solution

, wie:
  • Picking and Packing(Pick & Pack)
  • National and international shipping and B2C tasks for all products, order types and modalities with leading parcels services and freight forwarders
  • Export and customs management
  • Return management
  • Refurbishing, repair and shrink wrapping
We work with a number of major parcel service partners for almost every demand of smaller or larger shipments to nearly every destination on the globe at affordable rates. We also have long-time and reliable with several freight forwarding partners at hand and are happy to cooperate with the freight forwarder of your choice for pallet shipments. NGL can create a specifically tailored processes that will meet all your needs.

Finance and accounting services

NGL will handle your entire finance and accounting procedure for your physical business and pay out the revenue to you.

Our financial and accounting services contain all necessary processes, like invoicing, payment reminders and cash collection.. We will undertake specific billing procedures to your customers and will issue periodical statements to you. We also provide comprehensive statistics and evaluation methods,, so that you can regularly check on the development of your business.

Customer Service

Our customer service team will handle your requests. All tasks starting from order placement up to shipping your order will be taken care of by our experienced colleagues.

Incoming orders and everything along the way to releasing the shipment is being handled by our customer service department. In close cooperation with our warehouse commissioning, picking and packing are supervised to ensure smooth and timely procedures. As a registered exporter in Germany we can handle your exports to non-European destinations quickly and easily. We also take care of all related tasks, like issuing commercial and pro-forma invoices, export and customs papers, as well as handling import shipments. Should you wish to, we can also handle periodical invoicing of goods in consignment.

IT solutions

NGL’s standard is to find a functional IT integration for any modality presented by our clients. Our internal IT department will find a custom interface, tailored to your systems.

No matter whether you are looking for a logistics partner including an ERP solution or whether you wish to keep working with your familiar systems – NGL will design custom interfaces to make your demands work with our system. This way you can benefit from our existing structures without having to compromise on your familiar systems.

International distribution and communication

Our core business! Due to our unique position in the classical music business we maintain strong business relations to almost all major distributors on the globe.

In our network of distributor relations flow of goods is being optimized and a single shipment’s efficiency is maximized. Orders from different labels are being consolidated to larger shipments to save shipping costs. Cooperations with our “in-house” distributors – distributors, who we in turn provide logistical services for – can prove to be even more efficient. This way our “in-house” structures benefit both labels and distributors likewise.

Manufacturing of audio and video carriers

Have your products manufactured with leading pressing plants at affordable rates.

We work with several reliable partners in Germany and central Europe. Due to our large volume of pressings, we have great conditions with our manufacturing partners for all types of product variants. Furthermore, we can handle other tasks in-house, like applying stickers, shrink wrapping, assembly or bundling, as well as certified destruction.